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Joined: 28th Jun 2014
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28th Jun 2014

Failure to read the rules can

give in to a possible ban!


1. No Rdmimg (Random Death Match)

2. Don't spam chat or mic

3. Kill only on valid grounds

4. Propkilling and Propsurfing is not tolerated

5. No porn/gross sprays

6. Your name must to be pronounceable, change it if asked

7. Do not disrespect age, race, or staff

8. Keep cussing to a minimum

9. Do not T bait (acting like a t when innocent or detective)

10. Admins' words are final

11. Kill only on suspicion on overtime

12. Don't delay

13. No claiming rooms unless your a detective or its overtime

14. No ghosing

15. Not following a detectives order allows him to slowly kill you

16. No false kosing

Use common sense
Last Edit: 29th Jun 2014 by Kenny the Cupcake
Forum » Forums » Trouble in Terrorist Town Locked
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